Community Rules

Posted 2020.01.04
tags: meta community discord minecraft rules

The goal of the Port Chuu is to create a welcoming and friendly atmosphere where everyone can be comfortable. The rules helps us to keep that goal in check. The rules are always subject to change, so, in any case, use common sense and avoid acting in bad faith.

Rules 1 through 5 apply to the community, and rules 6 through 8 focus on the Minecraft server. Everyone, including the staff and moderators, must follow these rules. Feel free to ask on Discord if any of the rules are unclear!

  1. Respect the server and its members. We want this server to be a fun and safe place to have fun and engage in social activities. First impressions matter, so please make good use of the opportunity!
    • Insults, rude, or discriminatory acts are unacceptable. A bot will immediately delete messages containing blacklisted words.
    • Swearing is alright, but please limit your language whenever possible.
  2. Don’t cause drama. If you have issues with another person, please settle it through direct message responsibly. If someone harasses you in the server or the DMs, then alert a staff member and ignore/block the person.
    • Starting up a fight will result in a mute or a ban.
  3. Don’t leech on the server. Do not join the server only to promote yourself. Let’s get to know each other first!
    • When sharing art, try to provide source links or attribution! (e.g. author’s name, DeviantArt, Twitter, Pixiv, etc.)
    • The following are okay only if you’re involved in the server: asking for Pokémon trades, telling people about your YouTube or Twitch stream, and posting your social media links.
    • Do not advertise Discord servers here.
    • Do not linking to sketchy websites. If you do it with ill-intent, you’ll risk a mute or a ban.
    • There aren’t many emotes here, but staying here for emotes is alright!
  4. Keep server content safe for everyone. Don’t post unsafe images, such as flashing images (epilepsy) or gore, anywhere on the server. If you must post a flashing image, then spoiler it and attach a warning.
    • Keep your username and profile picture appropriate. We will rename you if it uses NSFW imagery.
    • When in VC, do not “ear-rape” or otherwise trouble the acoustic environment.
    • Memes generally belong in meme channels. Get the role in #colorful_roles.
    • Serious discussions, such as depressing and dark topics, belong in serious channels. Get the role in #colorful_roles.
    • NSFW content only goes in NSFW channels. If you’re 18 and over, get the role in #colorful_roles.
  5. No mini-modding. Letting people know about the rules is okay, but let the server staff handle moderation. Ping a staff member if you see any troublemaker.
  6. Don’t cheat on the server. While we allow resource packs or client modifications (“mods”), we do not allow any that gives an unfair advantage over other players (e.g. x-ray texture pack, fly mod, mining bot). Don’t use any game exploits that give you an unfair advantage over other players.
  7. Don’t steal or grief anybody. We don’t tolerate stealing from or griefing other players and their builds. This includes killing anyone without their permission.
    • When you kill someone in a PvP fight, give back the dropped items. In other words, don’t loot the items from another player.
  8. Claim your build. You can mark your territory clearly using a sign. Don’t build on land clearly claimed by another player. Even if no marked sign is present, you should avoid building too close to another player without their permission.
    • Cities/settlements may have their own build claim rules. Respect the local laws.
    • A suggested distance is approximately 150 blocks from the claimed border. Ask the staff if you are unsure.
    • Please keep claiming size reasonable. If you find any unreasonable claim,
      • Work it out among themselves first.
      • If not available, the moderator will talk to staff
    • Please leave your in-game name in a clear, visible location in your build.