Town Hall Meeting Summary!

Posted 2020.01.31 by Chuu
tags: community update announcement town hall

Hello all!

Thank you for participating in the town hall meeting today! If you missed the meeting, don’t worry! We will post polls on the #suggestions channel before we make any big decisions. Your participation and feedback help the server run well. I humbly thank you for sticking around and coming by. :EspyLove:

We have decided on the server host. We will be hosting on PebbleHost Premium hosting at 4GB RAM and 4.5 GHz CPU, which costs $9/mo. We have stress-tested the server, and the server held up surprisingly well. I will begin migrating over to the new host tonight, so we should get more performance out of the nearly doubled CPU clock speed! :EeveeParty:

Some people told me they want to help us out financially, so I will set up a way to donate for the server. I will think about the donor perks as I set it up in the coming weeks. If you have any ideas on what those perks should be, feel free to suggest or let me know! Also, if we get extra donations, then we might be able to expand our network! I will be sure to write up transparency reports at the end of every server billing cycle.

The teleportation option will be very limited in the future. I am writing up a “Beacon Warp” plugin that will allow players to teleport between two tier-4 (full pyramid) beacons. I will implement pre-requisites, warm-up, and cool-down for this feature. More features will come as I come up or get suggested with more ideas, so stay tuned in the #suggestions channel for polls! Once this plugin is complete, the /home and the /bed plugins will no longer be used.

The server will go public as soon as possible. Before we can go public, I will implement a graylist system. Graylist is the first line of defense against possible griefers and raiders. Like whitelist, players can’t play on the server until they get graylisted. Unlike whitelist, players can join and walk around the server before they decide to play on it. To get graylisted, they must either reach level 1 level 5 with @AmariBot (without spamming), submit a graylist application, or have your active friend submit a letter of recommendation.

If you have time, please give me feedback on how the town hall meeting went! The link to the survey is at the bottom.

Thank you for coming by! Take care~ ^^